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In Search of the Cuerdale Hoard

The Cuerdale Hoard is a collection of Viking-era silver coins and bullion that was discovered in the Cuerdale area near Preston, Lancashire, England in 1840.  Although not conclusively proven, the hoard is believed to have been buried by Vikings during one of their raids in England during the late 9th century. The Cuerdale Hoard was found by a group of workmen repairing the embankment of the river.  It was in a lead box, which shows evidence of the hoard having been parcelled into small bags or packages.  The majority of the treasure from the Cuerdale Hoard is now housed in the British Museum in London, where it is on display for the public to see.  The hoard is considered to be one of the most significant Viking discoveries ever made in the British Isles, and it provides valuable insights into the Viking culture and their trade and economic activities during this period. Whilst I have lived in the area all my life, I had no recollection of having learnt about this history in my younge