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What Will Preston look like in 1992? A slideshow from 1972 Preston Guild

What Will Preston look like in 1992? A slideshow from 1972 Preston Guild predicting what Preston would be like in 1992 No, it's not the first of the 'Forward to the Past' trilogy. This is a bit like watching an old Sci-Fi film predicting the future 50 years after it has been made. No, we're still not buzzing around in flying cars, thankfully. View West from Ladywell, towards the Docks and Penwortham Power Station This short film, which is  is effectively a forerunner of a PowerPoint presentation before personal computers had been conceived, let alone Microsoft software ( I allowed to advertise on here? Other reputable software providers are also available, etc.), didn't quite make it to 3 minutes before they were getting it wrong.  Do you think that we will get a University? The car: It's a good servant, but the more concessions we make to its use, the more it becomes our master. Hmmm. we still haven't cracked that nut. The proposal for the River Rib

FAREWELL TO THE SUMMIT - Lancaster Canal Summit Branch and Tramroad

FAREWELL TO THE SUMMIT The following text is taken from a 1968 publication entitled " FAREWELL TO THE SUMMIT " that was given to me by a friend who has a mutual interest in Canal related history. It was written by Ian Moss to accompany a visit to the Southern section of the Lancaster Canal towards Walton Summit and the adjoining Tram Road to Preston.  At the time, both were in a state of disuse, but were much more visible than today.  At the time of the visit, the construction of the M61 Motorway was underway, and this highway cut through the canal.  Thus, putting it out of action forever. I am not sure if there are any copyright issues with sharing the text.  My understanding is that it isn't a formal book publication with an ISBN etc.  I am only trying to get this information out to a wider audience, and share an account from over half a century ago.  If you know otherwise, please let me know.  If is causing anyone an issue, I can remove it.  The text has been modified